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NY 10012

262 Mott St, New York, United States

About designer

A DÉTACHER is a clothing label, a store, and a selection of objects and art. It is the project/business of Monika Kowalska.

A DÉTACHER clothes are individual explorations into surface, form and function – a research into the formal posture of each garment. We further these explorations by creating a context in which they can reside. they fill the surrounding space with objects by designers, artisans and artists from around the world, creating a dialogue about form and function, but also about the power and importance of objects in our lives. they feel that the number of possible contexts is infinite.

By offering a limited range of housewares, books and fetish objects, A DÉTACHER presents a selection of desirable objects and hopes that people will take the time to find their own.

Monika Kowalska was born in Poland and educated in America and Italy. She has worked in the fashion industry in both Italy and France. She is passionate about the construction of clothing and makes her own patterns. She opened A DÉTACHER in the fall of 1998.

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